“For almost a year now I have been taking my dogs to Canal Vet. My experience has never been less than excellent! Whether it be a health exam on our new puppy or the passing of our beloved pet, their compassion and caring for our pets is always most important. My primary vet is Dr. Larsen, but we have also seen Dr. Heather and both take the time to explain all procedures to us from start to finish. Their office is clean and the front desk staff always acknowledges who you are when you walk in. Most importantly, I never have to wait past my appointment time. With two or more dogs in your hands at one appointment, there’s no sitting in the waiting room with ten other animals and their owners wondering if one of the dogs coming through the door will have less than good behavior. They also have excellent pricing. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a new vet.”
Mary Anna

“We have been bring our dogs here for years. They are very personal, being friendly with both us and the dogs. They listen to what we say. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good veterinarian.”
Alan N.

“I am glad I brought my senior dog in. She is healthy but getting older and good to know how she is changing, and the Vet really explained the changes in her body and what I needed to do to keep her healthy and living a quality life.”
Jack N.

“Everyone was very nice and helpful. The assistants that took my concerns of what was going on with my dog and accurately relayed it to the Dr. so when she came in we didn’t have much more to cover which saves everybody’s time. I was given a recommendation on how to treat the issues going on with my dog and was included in the final decision on how to move forward.”
Linne S.

“I drove from out of town to bring my sick dog into Canal Vet…that’s how much I trust them. Dr. Heather spent a lot of time with me and my family going over what was wrong with my dog and coming up with a plan. I never felt rushed or felt like the Dr was in a hurry. Well worth the long drive for me to bring my dog to an excellent vet. They don’t run excessive tests if they aren’t needed and they truly have your pet’s and your pocketbook’s best interest in mind.”
Karina R.