We place the highest value on a thorough history and examination of your pet because evidence shows  how important this “lost art” is to the outcome of patient care. 1. , 2.  To keep your pet as healthy and happy as possible, we need to be very familiar with your pet’s condition before running tests or prescribing treatments.


When testing is needed to further evaluate your pet, we have readily available, state-of-the-art lab equipment to check parameters in your pet’s blood, urine or feces.  Results for our in-house tests are often ready within minutes-always within the same day.


Eye problems often require urgent assessment and treatment. To help us provide timely eye care we have tonometry, indirect and direct ophthalmoscopy, fluorescein dye, topical anesthetics, and tear film tests to manage most eye conditions right away.


Lumps and bumps are very common in our older pets and some can be quite serious. We can take a fine needle aspirate of most all masses to help us rule out malignancy and better plan the surgical treatment. If our in-house testing is inconclusive, we would then choose to either take a small sample, or more likely take the whole mass and send it out for histopathology, with a turn-around-time of just a few days.


Any infections that cannot be detected by urine testing or cytology can be diagnosed by running a 24 hour in-house culture.  This saves you time and money, and enables us to prescribe the best medication as soon as possible.


We have x-ray and ultrasound imaging equipment to provide non-invasive diagnostics. This method of testing helps to identify masses in the abdomen or chest, diseased tooth roots, heart or lung diseases. Our doctors have obtained the proper training to be proficient in evaluating the abdomen, basic heart measurements, and thyroid glands and other vital organs, using ultrasound and x-ray technology.


We take the time to research and evaluate the safest, most affordable and most effective drugs available. We offer both pharmaceuticals or alternative treatments but strive to recommend only those products with the best and most reliable historic and scientific evidence of safety and efficacy.