Most pets have dental disease by the time they turn 5 years of age. Besides just causing mouth pain , dental disease can lead to other, more serious problems with organs. Since many pets hide what’s going on inside their mouths (besides bad breath!), we do a dental evaluation; which is included in our full physical exam. From there, we can provide a plan and estimate for a deeper dental assessment and cleaning (including dental radiography and/or subgingival probing), a thorough ultrasonic scaling (something far more involved than the hand scaling done by your own dentists!) and high speed polishing. Any teeth that are causing pain and/or progressive bone loss/infection should be surgically extracted. An antibiotic injection is given to prevent bacteria from entering the bloodstream and, of course, we follow our Safety First anesthetic protocols, for both general and local anesthesia, to provide a pleasant and thorough dental procedure for your pet.

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