Deron Larsson, DVM

Dr. Larsson is a 1987 graduate of U.C. Davis Veterinary School and has been at Canal Veterinary Hospital since 1988. He has a passion for relationships and strives to build a trust bond with his clients and patients by providing comprehensive, transparent care and advice. Dr. Larsson’s favorite area of veterinary work is internal medicine and he is always studying to keep up to date on the latest research and standards of care. In 2019, he and Dr. Heather formed a partnership to purchase the practice from the retiring Dr. Baker. Deron and his wife, Kathryn, have five grown children, 2 cats and a dog named Cookie. In their spare time, the Larssons enjoy entertaining, cooking, board games and missions trips around the world.



Heather Deleon, DVM

Dr. Heather was born and raised in Turlock, California. She realized from a young age that she had a passion for veterinary medicine. She started her journey at Canal Veterinary Hospital in junior high and high school as a kennel tech. and veterinary assistant. She then left to obtain her undergraduate degree in biology pre-medicine from Cal State University, Monterey Bay and attended veterinary school at UC Davis; all the while, working full time as a veterinary technician for various hospitals. After graduating from veterinary school, Dr. Heather returned to CVH as a staff vet and in 2019 she and Dr. Larsson purchased the practice.

Heather has three cats (Owen, Fiona, and Sebastian), a loving Malamute/Husky mix named Noah, and a Springer Spaniel named Tag. She enjoys spending her free time with her husband and their 2 beautiful children. She is very excited to be back serving her community in Turlock. She says it is a dream come true to be able to re-acquaint herself with the town, the people and their pets.




Office Manager

A Turlock native, Lindy joined the Canal Vet family in 2008 as an eager college student looking to build workplace experience. She started as an assistant and receptionist but over the years she’s filled many roles and job descriptions. From 2012-2019 Lindy reduced her work hours to allow time to serve her family as a wife and mother of 3, while still contributing to the hospital as substitute assistant/receptionist, inventory manager and training specialist.

In 2019 Lindy took on the role of office manager and is thrilled to be back as a full-time staff member, actively involved in implementing the mission and vision of Canal Veterinary Hospital.




Lead Receptionist

Julie is our full-time receptionist here at Canal Veterinary Hospital. She came to us with years of experience working with people both in the workplace and at home raising her 3 teenage children. She uses her wonderful organizational skills, dependable nature, and compassionate heart to serve our clients and their pet(s) daily. Julie’s kind heart and supportive personality make her a cherished addition to our family.





We welcomed Roya to the team in the summer of 2020. She comes to us with experience in many areas including customer service, pharmacy, and retail. Roya is friendly and compassionate and has had a soft spot for cats for as long as she can remember; all of which makes her a wonderful representative of Canal Vet. When she is not working, she can be found crafting and spending time with her 2 school-aged children.





In the fall of 2021, Vanessa came to Canal Vet bringing with her a sharp mind, wonderful people skills and a wide variety of experience including work in retail, design and behavior therapy. She is a natural customer service representative with fantastic instincts and a kind heart. When she’s not serving as liaison for our clients, Vanessa enjoys baking, gardening, spending time with her family or cuddling with her dog, Bailey.




Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant

Khristine’s bubbly personality has been a perfect addition to the Canal Vet family since she started with us in February of 2021. She genuinely cares for her clients and works hard to make sure they feel comfortable and fully informed. Canal Vet visitors can expect to be greeted by her bright smile and friendly personality whether she’s at the front desk or assisting in the exam room. Outside of work, Khristine finds time to pursue her teaching degree with the hope of someday teaching elementary school. Some of her favorite free-time activities include reading, swimming and trips to Disneyland with her siblings.




Registered Veterinary Technician

Born and raised in California, Lisa has been a practicing RVT for nearly 40 years. In 2021 she joined the Canal Vet team and brought with her a fresh perspective and new ideas born out of her experience working in general practices, emergency hospitals and educational institutions. Lisa is a hard worker and she’s passionate about providing high-quality, comprehensive care to every patient that walks through the door. When she’s not at work, Lisa can be found at her ranch managing and caring for her Registered Angus cattle and Boer goats, 3 horses, 7 dogs, and 7 cats as well as her 3 daughters and husband of 30 years.




Veterinary Technician

With nearly 30 years of technician experience under her belt, Veronica was a blessing to Canal Vet when she joined us in May of 2021. She brings a calm, compassionate spirit that puts people and pets immediately at ease. Veronica’s experience has allowed her to fill many roles within the hospital and provide a level of patient care that is unsurpassed. In her spare time, Veronica enjoys reading and spending time with her 4 adult children, her granddaughter, and her dog, Penny.




Veterinary Assistant

Nathaniel has been with Canal Veterinary Hospital since February 2020. He is intelligent, responsible, and a hard worker. When he’s not serving our clients and patients here at the hospital, he is studying for his degree in Mechanical Engineering at UC Merced. In his spare time, he also enjoys spending time at home with his parents and 7 siblings.




Veterinary Assistant

Canal Veterinary Hospital officially welcomed Hope to the team in February 2020 after several months of volunteering and shadowing. Her warm spirit and hard-working mentality help her to serve our clients with a smile and provide top-notch care to our patients. Hope is currently studying Animal Science at Merced Junior College and hopes to one day have a full-time career in veterinary medicine.




Veterinary Assistant

As the son of a veterinarian, Seth has grown up surrounded by animals. He officially joined our staff in September 2019 and has been a wonderful addition to the team. Seth’s gentle spirit and sharp mind serve to make him great at working with our clients and their pets. Currently attending Modesto Junior College, Seth is working toward a degree in Structural Engineering.




Veterinary Assistant
After shadowing and observing at Canal Vet for several years, Nicholas officially joined the staff in January of 2020 as one of our kennel staff. His hard work and dedication earned him a promotion to Veterinary Assistant a few short months later. Nicholas’s favorite part of the job is interacting with the animals and their people. He hopes that his experience here will propel him toward his dream of becoming a veterinarian. In a home with 8 children, one dog, and two cats there is almost always something going on; but in his free time, Nicholas enjoys playing soccer, dancing, and taking apart/repurposing old electronics.




Veterinary Assistant

Josh has been with Canal Veterinary Hospital since 2020. His laid-back personality and impressive work ethic make for a combination that is well suited for the job. He is currently completing course work at Modesto Junior College and hopes to one day begin his career in construction. When he isn’t at work or studying for his classes, Josh enjoys hanging out with his friends and family back home in Gilroy.




Veterinary Assistant/Hospital Maintenance

Known around the office as everyone’s “little brother,” Colton joined the team in 2019 and worked diligently to earn the promotion to Veterinary Assistant in less than a year. His sweet and fun-loving nature keeps everyone smiling while he’s on shift. Although he ultimately aspires to have a career in sports medicine/kinesiology, Colton enjoys the time he gets to spend here working with the animals. In his spare time, Colton can be found playing football, working out or enjoying game nights with his mom and 2 sisters.




Veterinary Assistant/Hospital Maintenance

Annie joined the Canal Vet family in July 2020. Working behind the scenes, she has ensured that our facilities are clean and well maintained and that our hospitalized patients are properly cared for. In early 2021, her responsibilities doubled as she began her training as a veterinary assistant. She is enjoying the new opportunity to grow her knowledge/skills as well as connect with and care for our clients and their precious pets. Annie is bubbly and vivacious and eager to work her hardest at every task she undertakes. When she’s not at work, she can be found at her home- caring for her 2 dogs, 7 cats, 13 chickens, and her tortoise named Tom Cruise. She also enjoys spending time with her family, crafting, and playing the violin.




Veterinary Assistant

In the summer of 2021, Connor brought his dog, Pepper, in for an appointment and impressed Dr. Heather with his animal handling abilities during the exam. Within a week he started training as an assistant and hasn’t looked back since. Connor’s hobbies include playing drums, singing, competitive games, and volunteering at his church. While he ultimately plans to become a lawyer, we’re happy to have him on the team as he works to put himself through school.




Veterinary Assistant

After graduating from college and completing her phlebotomy certificate, Nicole decided to take on the world of veterinary medicine. She’s been joyfully caring for our clients and their animals since late 2021. Nicole has a zest for life that is evident in her perky mannerisms and joyful demeanor. She is currently working to put herself through nursing school and hopes to one day become a Certified Nurse Midwife or Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. When she’s not working or focusing on school, Nicole enjoys hiking, running and drawing.




Hospital Maintenance

Greta has been a part of the team since May of 2021. She works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the hospital clean and functional allowing the doctors and assistants to provide the highest level of safety and patient care possible. Greta has an infectious smile and a sweet spirit. She enjoys photography, cooking, and painting and aspires to spend her life helping people.





Hospital Maintenance

Aislinn has known she wants to become a veterinarian for as long as she can remember. She started volunteering at Canal Vet at the age of 16 and has been with us ever since. In early 2022 she was made an official part of the team with aspirations to serve our patients and clients as she works her way through college. Aislinn is smart and dedicated and willing to help with any task. We have no doubt that she will make a fantastic veterinarian and wonder if she might choose to follow in Dr. Heather’s footsteps and return as a doctor to carry on the Canal Vet legacy.




After graduating high school in 2021, Taylor started working a few hours each week helping with various administrative tasks. Whether she’s asked to clean a kennel, scan papers or rearrange a filing cabinet, she approaches every task with readiness and joy. Her work here is instrumental in allowing staff members more time to focus on their patients and interact with their owners. Taylor spends her days off helping her dad on the family ranch and hopes to someday work full-time in ag.