Scheduled Appointments: When you visit us, you should expect to be treated as a welcomed guest. We understand your strong connection to your pet and busy lifestyle. We strive to provide your pet with a pleasant experience and to serve you as close to your scheduled appointment time as possible.

Our professional assistants will take a thorough history and get your pet’s temperature and weight before the doctor comes in for your pet’s veterinary exam. Preventative care exams and exams for new problems will include a total physical exam, with a thorough investigation of your pet’s head, body and tail, and all his assorted cavities. The doctor will then go over his/her findings with you in a way you can understand, and make recommendations based on how to best keep your trusted companion care-free. We will provide written plans/estimates for extensive tests and treatments beforehand but we can give estimates for anything beyond the exam if requested. We always start with the most reliable plans (not necessarily the most expensive) but also come along side to help you choose the best care you can afford. While we do offer a way to spread out payments over time with little to no interest using Care Credit, we do expect payment via cash, check or credit card at the time of service.

Emergencies: Because we do see daytime emergencies, it is possible we may call to to inform you of a potential delay with your scheduled appointment. We appreciate your understanding as we seek to make ourselves available to even your unexpected urgent pet care needs. If you have an emergency, you do not have to call for an appointment but if you can let us know your coming, we can better prepare for you. One of our trained veterinary nurses may bring your pet back to the doctor for emergency evaluation/treatment while our other assistants or customer service personnel gather more information from you.

Referrals: The doctors here keep up with the latest in veterinary care and have significant experience in many areas of diagnostics, internal medicine and surgery, yet we also know our limits and may refer you to specialists if your pet needs care we cannot provide. We will freely transfer records to other veterinarians for second opinions as well, knowing the value of different perspectives. Please feel free to discuss with us any findings or advice you receive elsewhere as we desire to partner with whomever you choose for your pet’s health care. BEWARE OF DR GOOGLE, however!