Dear Canal Vet Friends and Family,

At Canal Vet the patients, team members, and community health and well-being is near and dear to our hearts. We know that this is a time of uncertainty and fear. Through this difficult time, we know that our pets will remain a great comfort to us through their unconditional love. We have received many phone calls asking about our plans through anticipated quarantines. For now, veterinary services are considered an “essential business” and we will continue to update you all should that change. We are working diligently to continue to provide the best care for your pets. Our business hours will continue as normal.

We will not be able to provide any extended boarding services but will still provide full hospitalization for pets as is medically necessary.

To minimize traffic and decrease exposure to our staff and clients, we are taking measures to ensure everyone’s safety.

Firstly, if you see another person in the lobby, please call from your car and we will advise you how to proceed. We have one door dedicated to an entrance (closest to Starbucks) and one for exit to maintain social distancing.

We are scheduling most appointments and procedures, with prioritization to sick or injured pets. We are allowing extra time in-between appointments to avoid cross-traffic and to allow time for disinfecting. As we have for many years, we will continue to use disinfectants approved by OSHA and recommended by the CDC to control the spread of this virus and other infectious diseases. We have increased our frequency in cleaning and are disinfecting commonly touched areas after each use. As normal, our staff is still required to wash their hands before and after each interaction with clients and patients. Unless there is a special circumstance, we are asking there be one person per pet for appointments.

If you or a family member are exhibiting signs of COVID-19 or are sick at all please stay home. Symptoms can include: cough, fever, tiredness, and shortness of breath (severe cases). We ask that you send your pet to appointments with a family member or friend and will allow payment by phone at the time of services if these conditions apply to you.

If you prefer to avoid our lobby area, please call and let us know when you are in our parking lot and we will be happy to send one of our staff members out to get your pet. Our doctors will then call you after your pet has been examined.

If you prefer to avoid our lobby area but would like to be present for your pet’s exam, please call us upon arrival for your appointment and we are happy to let you know when the exam room is ready and will usher you into the room immediately.

If your pet is an existing patient of ours and you are unable or uncomfortable bringing your sick pet in, we will have information on our website ( to provide medical consultations via phone/video. The medical situation must be deemed appropriate and compliant with state laws. Doctors will offer telemedicine appointments if requested for non-wellness exams. We prefer appointments to be made in advance, but will have same day appointments made available.

During this time we highly encourage our clients to utilize our online pharmacy. You can find the link to our online pharmacy on our webpage. All you have to do is make an account and you can have medication refills delivered directly to your home. If you need assistance with this please call and let us know and we are happy to help.

If you are unable to access our online pharmacy, we are asking that you please give us ample notice when you are in need of a medication refill, and to please make sure you have at least a week’s worth of the medication left. We are also only able to refill medications one month at a time with most medications right now. We ask for your understanding in that our distributors may have delayed deliveries and shortages/backorders during this time. We ask that if possible, you pay over the phone with a credit card. When you come to pick up medications please wait in your car and call us and we will deliver them directly to you with your receipt to avoid cross traffic in our lobby.

If you are elderly and need dog/cat food or prescriptions, please let us know and we will have a staff member deliver these to your porch, but will refrain from going inside your house or visiting for precautionary measures.

Our entire staff is monitoring our own health and the health of our families very closely, as we encourage you all to do the same. We have systems set up to support our staff members should they need to stay home and we will support them in their choice to stay home if there is any concern or potential risk.

We have received phone calls with questions regarding our pets and Coronavirus. At this time there is no evidence that companion animals or pets can contract or become infected with COVID-19. However, it is possible that an individual infected with COVID-19 could contaminate their pet’s fur/hair and be a “fomite” which can spread the virus. Please do not use any harsh chemicals to clean your pets fur/hair.

At Canal Veterinary Hospital we are committed to providing current, comprehensive, compassionate, and cost effective veterinary care for our clients and our patients. It is a privilege to care for you all and we will continue to serve you to the best of our ability.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us or email us at

Dr. Heather, Dr. Larsson and our Staff are dedicated to serving you and your pets through this stressful time. In the event we are asked to close we will still be available via phone and email and will make sure we do everything we can to make sure your pets have their medications, food and medical care.

All The Best,
The Entire Canal Veterinary Hospital Team