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A righteous person cares for the needs of his/her animals. – Proverbs 12:10

We, at Canal Veterinary Hospital, have enjoyed serving pets and their families since 1986. Our veterinarians see themselves as privileged caretakers of the mysterious human-animal bond created by God. We believe our pet(s) change our lives for the good; and we love helping them do just that!

Dr Deleon, Dr Larsson, and staff want to be your most trusted source of veterinary care in the Central Valley. To earn your trust, we strive to consistently provide timely, relevant, affordable, and reliable services. We want to take the time to get to know you, your pet(s) and your stories as we develop specific plans to help you best care for your loved one(s).

Canal Veterinary Hospital is the place where “bonds go beyond our pets.” We look forward to being your most trusted friends and professionals.

What Our Clients Say

  • This is by far the best veterinary office in town! Small, well run, no long wait times, fantastic staff and doctors. We started coming here after being clients at Taylor for many years, since they opened, and I am so happy we made the change. Doctors and staff here know how to handle frightened pets and they spend a lot of quality time with you, never a rushed appointment and they do not overbook themselves. I am very happy and will continue to bring all our pets here.

    Derrick A. Avatar
    Derrick A.
  • Everyone was so wonderful and made me feel very safe leaving my pet there for the day. All of the staff were extremely kind and listened to my concerns with my pet and offered advice before I even took her in. The vet even called me to let me know the treatment plan and future steps. I feel like I asked so many questions but they always gave me detailed answers which I appreciated. They never tried to “sell” me something more expensive and never made me worry about my pets condition. They have very reasonably priced care. I will definitely be bringing Kuma back for more visits. I appreciate the staff caring for my pet as much as I would considering the many many pets they may see every day.

    Siri Delapp Avatar
    Siri Delapp
  • Doctor Larson is amazing!
    I called to check on my dog many times. They all ways got me an answer. The staff have amazing customer service skills. Lindy touched my heart. She was so thoughtful and kind.
    Thank you all !!!

    Colet West Avatar
    Colet West
  • I’m a new customer to canal veterinary I had gone to another place & had a bad experience I have a new kitten she had gotten bit & an infection
    I came to canal veterinary they were so kind & caring & took such great care of my fur girl they let me know the costs up front which by the way were great!!
    The Dr called me herself to let me know my options after examining her & we got her taken care of & my girl is on antibiotics & healing great!!
    They called me a day later to check on her & emailed me a few days later!!
    Such a great place I highly recommend & we are so happy & feel safe & cared for so good!!! Thank you so much!!!!

    Lori Anderson Avatar
    Lori Anderson
  • Our family and extended family have taken all our pets for regular care, extended care, as well as emergency care for 20 years to our Canal Vet. The receptionists are friendly and treat our pets as their own. The doctors and technicians are gentle and kind and up-to-date knowledgeable on current care for the situation. In the 20 years, we, of course, had a few pets die due to age. These doctors send hand written notes of sympathy. You just can't get any better than CANAL VETERINARY HOSPITAL.

    Kathleen M. Avatar
    Kathleen M.
  • I found Canal Veterinary Hospital when I needed urgent care services for my aging cat, Pepper, who was in obvious pain for a reason I couldn't determine. The veterinary office I was familiar with was two weeks out on appointments - Pepper couldn't wait that long. I began calling every veterinary office in my area, with no luck of getting her in quickly - until I reached Canal Veterinary Hospital. Like the previous 4 offices I had contacted, they were booked out for several weeks. Even so, the clerk was kind enough to ask what the issue was. After describing that my Pepper was in obvious pain, she managed to get her in, between other appointments, that same day.
    It was at that appointment that I discovered the level of care my pets (3 dogs & 2 cats + ) had been missing out on. Dr.Larsson was quickly able to determine the cause of Peppers pain, and prescribe a (very affordable) treatment plan for her. I was amazed at the comfort level Pepper projected during the visit, (animals are the best judge of people). I had expected her to be terrified, as she was a barn cat that was not used to such experiences, but she seemed so relaxed. That is the day I discovered the BEST Veterinary Hospital I could ever hope for. I have since been back and they were just as amazing! I recommend them to anyone and always will.

    Wendi Bailey Avatar
    Wendi Bailey
  • The staff and doctor were amazing. What a huge difference from where i use to take my dog Cash. At Canal Vet they care for your pets as patients and not like a customer. I will never take my dog back to the old place again

    Jeff Benton Avatar
    Jeff Benton
  • Canal Veterinary Hospital is by far the most amazing veterinarian I have EVER taken my pets to. Dr. Heather and the staff (as well as Dr. Larsson) have always given my pets the best medical care possible and have always been wonderful to my pets and to myself during difficult times. Dr. Heather and staff...I have such love and appreciation for you! Your knowledge, kindness, professionalism and care are by far the very best I've ever known. I cannot say or write enough wonderful things about you. I truly thank God to have found this awesome office. I'm forever a client.

    Casandra McCants Avatar
    Casandra McCants
  • I truly appreciated the doctor coming out to speak to me about our new little addition puppy. I purchased a adorable female pomerania. They car very much about the pets they see everyday. We absolutely recommend to everyone.o

    Shawn B Avatar
    Shawn B
  • Doctor Heather is wonderful I truly believe she is a Vet because she loves her animals she cares for. My pups loves her. She is detail about everything and explains everything so you know exactly what is goin

    Janie Ramil Avatar
    Janie Ramil


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