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A righteous person cares for the needs of his/her animals. – Proverbs 12:10

We, at Canal Veterinary Hospital, have enjoyed serving pets and their families since 1986. Our veterinarians see themselves as privileged caretakers of the mysterious human-animal bond created by God. We believe our pet(s) change our lives for the good; and we love helping them do just that!

Dr Deleon, Dr Larsson, and staff want to be your most trusted source of veterinary care in the Central Valley. To earn your trust, we strive to consistently provide timely, relevant, affordable, and reliable services. We want to take the time to get to know you, your pet(s) and your stories as we develop specific plans to help you best care for your loved one(s).

Canal Veterinary Hospital is the place where “bonds go beyond our pets.” We look forward to being your most trusted friends and professionals.

What Our Clients Say

  • Canal Veterinary Hospital is by far the most amazing veterinarian I have EVER taken my pets to. Dr. Heather and the staff (as well as Dr. Larsson) have always given my pets the best medical care possible and have always been wonderful to my pets and to myself during difficult times. Dr. Heather and staff...I have such love and appreciation for you! Your knowledge, kindness, professionalism and care are by far the very best I've ever known. I cannot say or write enough wonderful things about you. I truly thank God to have found this awesome office. I'm forever a client.

    Casandra McCants Avatar
    Casandra McCants
  • Great customer service and awesome staff. Everyone was friendly and interacted well with my dog. When I picked her up from the kennel on a weekend and she had kennel cough the vet responded right away, got her medication and she started to improve immediately.

    Laura Merafuentes Avatar
    Laura Merafuentes
  • I first met Dr Larson when I took my first dog there to figure what was wrong with him. Turned out my dog had cancer and wasn’t going to make it. The Canal Vet team were so kind and comforting when I had to put him down. Today, I have a new pup and I continue seeing Dr Larson and his team because of their welcoming vibes, fast response, affordable costs, and kindness. When I returned with my new dog worried about the lumps on his neck, Dr Larson remembered about my previous dog and that was touching. I’m moving 3 hours away and will still continue to see him for check ups.

    Joshua Montez Avatar
    Joshua Montez
  • We have been clients since we got our first dog ‘Buster’. The staff is always polite and courteous. Each time Buster has needed medical attention the Doctor’s treat us like he is the most important dog they’ve ever helped. Canal Vet Hospital is a state of the art treatment center with a family friendly atmosphere. The knowledgeable doctors and accommodating staff are professionals by which others can be measured.

    Martha G. Avatar
    Martha G.
  • After only 5 years with us our beloved fur baby had to be put down... our hearts were broken and our family was shaken. The great vets and technicians at Canal Vet did a wonderful job at helping us transition smoothly through this new stage. They made our fur baby comfortable and happy for his last minutes with us here on this earth. They gave us the time and space needed to say our final farewell. Thankyou canal vet form our fur baby and family.

    Rhonda Harper Avatar
    Rhonda Harper
  • The first time I spoke with Dr Heather I knew that my pet was being well cared for. She explained, very thoroughly, what she thought the problem was and the options for treatment. Not only that, I knew that she had spent time with my Maya because she knew her personality as well. I also was aware that staff had spent time with Maya because the girl who brought her out to me commented on her personality as well. I will definitely choose Canal Vet in the future.

    Susan Molloy Avatar
    Susan Molloy
  • This Vet Hospital has been more than wonderful. Recommended by another Animal Rescue and we see why. Always feel that they are really caring for our dogs.Means a lot to us as we spend lots of funds on vet services! Not all vets are the same!!

    Kates Rescue Avatar
    Kates Rescue
  • I have gone to Canal Vet for years, from birth to death with some of my pets, and they have treated each animal and issue with love and respect. Everyone at the office is kind and responds quickly when I have an issue. Your pets will be well cared for here.

    Debra Fail Avatar
    Debra Fail
  • Every time I have to take one of our kids in Dr. Heather is always very helpful. Their staff is very kind and efficient. They definitely have your pets best interest in mind. My biggest issue with other vets office’s is that they seem to do unnecessary testing and your bill always ends up HUGE. Canal vet does a great job at listening to you and your your pets issues to know exactly what needs to be done. They are knowledgeable and I trust them 100% with my kids. I definitely recommend them for whatever your pets needs may be and thank you Canal Vet for always taking care of our fur family!

    Tina Kirkpatrick Avatar
    Tina Kirkpatrick
  • This is by far the best veterinary ever .Most caring doctor that cares for the animal. Would tell anybody with pets to go here! Only 1 in million and she is that 1!! Thank you for making and taking the time ,when no one else would ! Our dog POP, thanks you too for saving his life. O and thank you for finding my friend Linda's labs and taking them home with u till u found owner...you are the BEST

    cathleen fiore Avatar
    cathleen fiore


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